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Product information:

Material: 925 Solid Sterling Silver

Color: Silver

Handmade product from Vietnam

Why do we use Silver?

1/ Good for Health: It is said that the efficacy helps maintain immunity by adjusting the balance of body temperature. In addition, if the hormone balance is broken, it is exposed to various diseases, and it is also effective in maintaining hormones. In addition, negative ions are emitted just by wearing them, and negative ions increase resistance to disease.

2/ Good for Mental Health: Stress is one of the important factors that hinder sleep. Silver anions have a stress-reducing effect, so if you suffer from insomnia, silver efficacy helps.

3/ Good for Antibacterial: Silver nanotechnology is used in various products because it has the effect of sterilizing bad bacteria in the air. In addition, you may be worried about electromagnetic waves with various home appliances at home, but it also has the effect of blocking electromagnetic waves with bad silver.

4/ Good for Cosmestic Effect: It has the effect of restoring and maintaining the skin. It is also effective for atopic skin. Rich anions have the effect of increasing moisture, helping to keep skin and hair moist.

Instructions for use and storage:

- You should divide each product to prevent it from scratching.

- Do not impact strongly on products.

- Usually use jewelry towel to clean up to keep products bright and beautiful.

- When you do not wear jewelry please preserve at dry place, avoiding sunshine, high temperature or humidity.


SKU: SR40004